Math Is A Big Deal
Family Engagement Events

Math is a big deal events will get your students excited about learning math and your parents involved in their children's education. They can be done during the school day with the entire school or in the evening as a family engagement event. Students will participate in fun activities and parents will leave with practical ways to help their child in school.

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BEST Family Engagement Event of the Year!

We do it ALL for you!   It is so EASY to host!   We bring the event to you... no buses needed.

Supported by Title 1 Funds Section 1118 Parent and Family Engagement!

Host a Math Is A Big Deal Event Today!
Your students are counting on you!

Connie Newville M.Ed.
Educational Consultant Math Specialist

Click here to see what a math day event looks like.

"It is such a great family engagement event for the entire school! I just love seeing parents having fun engaged in learning with their children. We have hosted 3 Math A Big Deal Events and they have all exceeded our expectations! It is so easy to host. We hope to bring them back again next year!"

Principal - Plano ISD

"Thank you for creating and facilitating such a fun and enriching Family Learning Event. We have had wonderful feedback from students, parents and teachers--they really enjoyed the event. I am hopeful to partner again next year!"

Principal - Comal ISD

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